Our Story

The music and soundscape of The Freeway Jubilee are built around the songwriting and blood harmonies of twin brothers, Adam and Jonathan Clayton. Both brothers have been involved in the regional music scene in various projects over the years. Recently, the group has enlisted the steady playing of local bassist, Phillip Brock. He provides a fresh yet strong foundation for the songs and complements the sound with a steady groove. The trio is finding their voices again, placing their songwriting and message at the forefront of their art. Their sound takes a unique approach, helmed by everyone’s willingness to progress with the vibe of the song.

The Freeway Jubilee takes a multi-instrumental approach to their live shows, allowing for a fluid switch between instruments and singers. This adds an interesting depth and dynamic to the sound. The group blends rock, jazz, gospel, country, and bluegrass with both acoustic and electric instruments, setting off their unique and close blood harmonies. Sibling vocal harmony is known for being special, and it’s definitely a highlight for the twin brothers.

Building upon their songwriting cornerstone, the band also brings virtuosic prowess to each instrument played. The goal is to raise the roof and give each note and song all they have. The band looks ahead and continues progressing as musicians and writers, working daily on their songs and sound. This dedication has become the new normal as we push ourselves to bring our best as artists and as local folks in the community.


Adam Clayton: piano, vocals, drums, Hammond B3

Jonathan Clayton: electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar, vocals, drums

Phillip Brock: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar

Short Bio

The Freeway Jubilee's explosive blend of psychedelic rock, gospel roots, mountain music, funk and soul captures and expresses the life of a true road warrior band. Tasteful melodic harmonies, vibrant vocal harmonies, powerful rhythmic groove, and a unique assortment of instrumentation create a magnetic sound that feels timeless and familiar, yet remains entirely unique to itself.